Spill Kit 55 Gal

Spill Kit - 55G Poly

1. Grey, Universal sorbent pads x50.
2. White, Oil only sorbent socks x3.
3. White, Oil only sorbent pads x50.
4. Optisorb granular sorbent, 20 lbs.
5. 55 Gallon Poly Drum with lid and lever-lock ring.
6. Vented safety goggles x2.
7. PE coated tyvek disposable coverall x2.
8. Latex gloves (pair) x2.
9. Embossed flock lined nitrile gloves (pair) x2.
10. Emergency response guide.
11. Zip-ties x5.
12. Oily waste disposal bags x5.
13. Caution barricade tape roll.