Our spill containment berms come in a variety of sizes. If our sizes do not meet your need, feel free to contact us. Custom berm sizes and options are available. All berms are made from a 22oz material.

These items are designed to contain a minimum of liquid for a short period of time as a secondary containment of incidental spilled product. There are no warranties for these products. Unitech of Alaska is not responsible for spilled material(s).

Our berms comply with 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC regulation.

40 CFR 264.175 Containment. (b) A containment system must be designed and operated as follows: (1) A base must underly the containers which is free of cracks or gaps and is sufficiently impervious to contain leaks, spills, and accumulated precipitation until the collected material is detected and removed; (2) The base must be sloped or the containment system must be otherwise designed and operated to drain and remove liquids resulting from leaks, spills, or precipitation, unless the containers are elevated or are otherwise protected from contact with accumulatedliquids; (3) The containment system must have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater. Containers that do not contain free liquids need not be considered in this determination; (4) Run-on into the containment system must be prevented unless the collection system has sufficient excess capacity in addition to that required in paragraph (b)(3) of this section to contain any run-on which might enter the system; and (5) Spilled or leaked waste and accumulated precipitation must be removed from the sump or collection area in as timely a manner as is necessary to prevent overflow of the collection system.

Spill Containment Berm Styles:
Old Style: non collapsible, square or round foam sides.
New Style: collapsible, square foam sides.

Spill Containment Berm Options:
-Cleats: Metal cleats are securely welded into the berm for a durable product.
-Non skid: Prevent slipping with our built in non skid surface.
-Nylon hanging straps (custom positions): Durable thick nylon straps for hanging or moving berms.
-Attachable spill kit.
-Folding (collapsible): available for berms larger than 3x3.
-Hose Strap: A Velcro strap that secures the berm to hose line.
-Colors: Yellow or Orange.

Chemical Resistance Chart
A=Excellent B=Moderate C=poor
Karosene A C
Diesel Fuel A C
Acids (general) A A
Naphtha A C
Jet Fuels A C
Salt Water 180F A C
Crude Oil A C
Gasoline B C

Low Temperature: Pass at -40F.
snapberm12.JPG 8' x 12' x 1' Snap Berm
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berms-8x12 snap berm
8' x 12'x 1' Quick Snap Berm. Easy set up. Folds neatly for tight storage. Click on photo for details. Weight: 95 lbs.
snapberm1.JPG 8' x 8' x 1' Snap Berm
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berms-8x8 snap
8' x 8'x 1' Quick Snap Berm. Easy set up. Folds neatly for tight storage. Click on photo for details. Weight: 34 lbs.
spillkitberma.JPG Berm and Spill Kit
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Berm-Spill Kit
Berm Spill Kit. Included is one berm (sizes variable) and one spill kit. Click on picture for spill kit details.
bpberm.JPG Berm Pontoon Sides
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Berm-48486 Foam RD
4'x4'x6" New Style spill containment Berm Round pontoon walls. Berm capacity: 59.8 Gallons. Click photo for details.
completeberm.JPG Complete Berm
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Complete old style spill containment berm. Click on photo for details.
newstyleberm.JPG New Style Berm
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PVC Folding callapsible square berm. Click on photo for details.
222berm.jpg Old Style Square Foam Berm
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Berm-2424FOAM SQ O
Old style sqaure foam spill containment berm.
truckerblanket.JPG Trucker Blanket
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5' x 3' Trucker blanket berm.